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Wayfinder is a strategic team of experienced digital marketers and growth experts.

We help build businesses from the ground up and have a deep passion for unlocking rapid growth.

Let's do this, together.

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The Wayfinder team is your compass, your guide, and your navigator as we launch ad campaigns and measure their success.

We take on the challenge of launching your business on these complex ad channels so you don’t have to. 
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The Wayfinder Team

Adam Zlotnik

Principal, Ads Expert

7+ years digital marketing and acquisition expert helping medium to large sized Saas and E-commerce companies achieve aggressive growth through performance-based digital marketing.

Jenny Tang

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jenny is our in-house copywriting and ad content creation expert. With 5+ years in digital marketing, Jenny has helped Wayfinder clients grow incredibly fast with her engaging ad content creation.

Rachel Lubon

Facebook Media Buyer

Facebook ads manager with 2+ years of experience handling multiple accounts with monthly budgets between $5,000-$30,000.

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