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We help SaaS and Blockchain companies scale profitably with Google, YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok Ads. Serious about exploding your customer growth? Schedule a free consultation to uncover your potential.

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We Don't Just Do Ads

We know the secret to acquiring new customers isn't just spending more on ads. We help out with the full ads funnel to help our clients grow.
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Adam Zlotnik
Owner, Performance Marketing Expert
Jenny Tang
Digital Ads Content Specialist
Hyacinth Maniquis
Google Ads Expert
AJ Dizon
Facebook Ads Expert

We're a paid ads agency
that actually gets our clients results.


Results are what matter.
The proof in our client success stories

Clay Reimus

"5000+ new users every month and the numbers keep improving"

B2C SaaS Growth Director

"We are continually impressed by how Wayfinder Agency goes above and beyond and functions more like an extension of our in-house team. They've helped us significantly scale our YouTube, Google, and TikTok ads while acquiring new users profitably."

Michael G.

"We cut our user acquisition costs by 60% while scaling 2x on Google"

B2B SaaS Founder

"We were spending 2x our KPI to acquire a new customer on Google Ads before working with Wayfinder. They came in and made big changes to cut our cost to acquire a customer by more than 60% in 60 days. Without them we'd still be unprofitable on Google."

Cahill C.

"We are getting thousands of quality leads every week from our ads"

Crypto/NFT Marketplace

"Our ads were so effective that we were getting hundred of quality leads coming in from Facebook, Google, and Twitter every day at a profitable cost. Without Wayfinder, there's no way our marketplace would have a successful launch."

Joel Popoff

"Without Wayfinder, we'd likely be out of business right now"

Shopify Brand Owner

"I've been working with Adam and his team for over 2 years on ads for our e-commerce store. They helped get us profitable with a 4x ROAS in our first few weeks and it's been consistent ever since. When we got suspended from Amazon, our Shopify sales literally saved our business."

Paul Alexander Butler

"All of the sudden our online sales exploded and at a 7x ROAS..."

Shopify Brand Owner

"We weren't getting very many sales with our online store before starting with Wayfinder. They helped us set up our ad campaigns and within 2 weeks we were already breaking 5-figures. And it continued to get better every month! We had our best online sales year ever thanks to them."

Hilary Smith

"We tripled our user acquisition in 30 days while reducing our CAC"

B2B SaaS Marketing Director

"I find there are many paid social agencies who want to just "set it and forget it" and his team was really focused on helping our business thrive and gave good feedback to help us help them. They really helped us hone in on our core audience and find success with ads."

We're best at helping:

Software & Mobile App Companies

Looking to scale your user acquisition rapidly and profitably? We have 6+ years of experience helping software companies grow rapidly with paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

E-Commerce Brands

Ready to push your E-commerce business to the next level? We can help scale your ads on Facebook, TikTok, and Google to continue breaking sales records month after month.

Crypto & Blockchain Companies

Having trouble getting onto major ad platforms like Google, Facebook, and Twitter? We have experience getting Blockchain and Crypto companies certified to advertise on major platforms.

Companies that use data to drive their marketing decisions see an average 26% increase in ROI

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