Amazon Launch Pad

We help brands launch on Amazon, grow their revenue, and report on the results to further optimize.

There are many challenges for brands planning to launch their products on Amazon. Wayfinder’s Amazon Launch Pad satisfies three main goals:

Strategically launch your product catalog on Amazon
Accelerate your Amazon channel Revenue
Marketplace insight and reporting for long term success

The Amazon Launchpad program is conducted in three phases: pre-launch, launch and post-launch.

During the pre-launch phase of the program, we complete a comprehensive market analysis of your product catalog and competitive landscape. We then provide our best recommendations and operational support as you start to send inventory into Amazon.

At launch when your inventory becomes active on the Amazon marketplace, Wayfinder provides full channel management including:

• Paid Advertising

• Listing Optimization

• Channel Marketing

• Customer Service

• Operations

• Reporting

The post launch phase builds on what is learned during the launch phase providing best practices and operational support for continued success on Amazon.

Does this sound like you?

Have an ecommerce platform set up, but want to gross more sales
Looking for an optimized 3PL strategy
 Your customers want faster shipping

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If your business doesn’t require our full service launch, but still needs help heading in the right direction, Wayfinder offers high-level consultation for any piece of your Amazon channel management. This is our a la carte style offering where you can engage in a block of hours with our senior strategic team. Here we can tackle any and all specifics you may need to solidify your affiliate road map.

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