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"Our online sales took off within weeks of launching ads"

B2C Game Retailer

"We weren't getting very many sales with our online store before starting with Wayfinder. They helped us set up our ad campaigns and within 2 weeks we were already breaking 5-figures. And it continued to get better every month! We had our best online sales year ever thanks to them."

Paul Alexander Butler

Level Up Your Tabletop Empire with Data-Driven Mastery

Dive into a data-driven quest with our tabletop game marketing expertise, transforming campaigns into profitable adventures. Our proven track record in the gaming sphere is your guide to consistent success and growth.

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Our Client Success Stories

D2C E-commerce Games Company


7.1x return on ad spend with Google and Facebook ads

$486,000 in revenue generated year-end

$275,000 net revenue generated from ads at year-end

82% increase in online sales year over year

D2C E-commerce Company


4.07x total return on ad spend year-end

$655,631 in revenue attributed to ads at year end

82% increase in sales year over year

$110,000+ sales record during peak month

D2C Food E-commerce company


3.75x return on ad spend at year end

$360,000 in revenue generated at year end

461% increase in sales year over year

6x spending during Q4 while maintaining steady ROAS

B2B Analytics SaaS Company


9x user growth in 3 months from Google ads

Cut user acquisition cost in half while scaling budget

Scaled spend more than 2x while reducing CAC

More than 150 customers per month attributed to ads

B2B Accounting SaaS Company


3x user growth in 30 days

45% reduction in acquisition costs while scaling

Increased ad spend by 2x in 30 days

Managed $45,000 in monthly ad spend